Laundry & Boutique

we understand the importance of convenience and style during your stay. Our on-site laundry service ensures that you always have fresh, clean clothes, so you can relax and enjoy your time without worry. Additionally, our boutique offers a curated selection of fashionable clothing, accessories, and local artisan products, perfect for treating yourself or finding unique souvenirs. Experience seamless comfort and elegance with our dedicated laundry and boutique services, designed to enhance your iDreamland getaway.

Maximum Services

Special Treatment from Our Laundry

The washing process utilizes large-capacity laundry machines that are highly regarded in the laundry industry, carried out with a systematic approach and in accordance with procedures, along with high-quality laundry detergents and stain removers to prolong the lifespan of the laundry.

Garment Care

premium laundry services to ensure your clothes look and feel their best. With meticulous attention to detail and eco-friendly practices, we handle everything from delicate fabrics to everyday wear. Enjoy the convenience of freshly laundered garments that are soft, clean, and ready to wear.

Shoe Care

Expert cleaning and maintenance services to keep your footwear in top condition. From polishing and stain removal to full restorations, we use premium products and techniques to ensure your shoes look impeccable and last longer. Trust us to bring out the best in your favorite pairs.

Helmet Care

Specialized cleaning and maintenance services to ensure your helmet remains safe, clean, and comfortable. We meticulously clean, sanitize, and inspect your helmet, using top-quality products to remove dirt, odors, and bacteria. Keep your headgear in peak condition for every ride with our expert care.